Specialists in Wood Burning Boilers

Keeping your home, office or factory heated efficiently is an ever increasing concern across the UK. With the governments focus on energy efficiency and the promotion of renewable energy sources, it is now possible to employ inefficient heating systems with eco friendly solutions, including wood burning boilers.

Staunch and Flow are specialists in the supply and installation of eco friendly heating solutions using wood burning boilers. Our range of biomass boilers are designed to be efficient based on your average level of consumption, so depending on your usage we will be able to advise an appropriate system for you. Whether its one of our wood pellet boilers, or wood chip boiler we are confident that the cost saving you can make will speak for itself.

To find out more about our services and wood burning boilers range, simply browse our website for more information. Alternatively, call our team to find out more about wood pellet boiler prices for fuel types,  installations, and also the cost savings you can make.

*Government Incentives are currently available so call us today to find out if you are eligible*